Jeremy D. Cherry

I’ve had the distinct honor of teaching design ethics and theory to folks all over the world. My experience as a speaker and educator covers a wide range of settings and topics. I’ve spoken to classrooms in public universities, community colleges, and an international school in Taiwan. I’ve had the privilege of speaking at events and conferences, including Tom Tom Festival, Ignite UX Michigan, edUI, and Creative Mornings. Finally, I’ve worked with teams of fellow designers, including the talented folks at Spotify, WillowTree, and VMDO Architects, to find ways to incorporate ethics into professional communities. Whether it be delivering keynote speeches or leading practice-based workshops, I love connecting with others through this work.

Let’s Collaborate


My favorite topic to speak about is how hope impacts the work we create for other humans. I’m generally skeptical of big tech because of how it can treat humans like data points that solely impact profit margins. I firmly believe that with the power of emerging technology comes an increased responsibility to those engaging with our work. However, I’m confident that if designers learn to embrace people with hope and lean into the complexity of working with others, we could change the products we create for the better.

Areas of Focus:
  • Branding & Identity
  • Community Building
  • Design Ethics
  • Design Theory
  • Empathy & Usability
  • Evaluating Trends
  • Hopeful Design
  • Humane Technology
  • Mental Health
  • Service Design
  • Social Interaction
  • User Experience


Here’s a few talks you can watch online:

Hopeful Design for Hopeless Times

Ignite UX Michigan

Rethinking Engagement

Creative Mornings Charlottesville