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Brand New

Branding inspiration for days


Most beautiful sites on the web


Best inspiration for web typography


Awards for web nerds


Frontend design experiments


Michael Beirut

One of graphic design's GOATs

Bruce Mau

Your favorite designer's favorite designer

Tobias van Schneider

Digital design prodigy

Claudio Guglieri

Digital design innovator

Bethany Heck

Typography expert

Frank Chimero

Designer, writer, thinker

Tristan Harris

Digital design ethicist

Brad Frost

Creator of atomic design

Roman Mars

Podcast legend

Fabricio Teixeira

Digital design thought leader



Design education by InVision

Inside Design

Design blog by InVision

A List Apart

The go-to resource for digital thinkers

The UX Collective

Collaborative publication for UX Design

Interface Lovers

Interviews with Digital Designers


An offline magazine about the online world


Fast Company's design section

The Great Discontent

More interviews with global creatives


Center for Humane Tech

Organization supporting ethical tech innovation

Humane by Design

Resources that help you design for humans

Nielsen Norman Group

Leaders in user experience research


Google's iniative for a safer web


OG's of design thinking and human-centered design


# Books:

The Shape of Design

Frank Chimero's exploration into the craft of design

Resilient Web Design

Jeremy Keith's look at a more resilient web

Atomic Design

Brad Frost's method for designing systems

Better Web Type

Matej Latin's resource on bulletproof web typography

Designing Hope

Jeremy Cherry's fearless self-promotion


A Book Apart

Brief books for people who design, write, and code

Smashing Magazine Books

In-depth knowledge and expertise shared by experts and practitioners

Rosenfeld Media

Wordclass thoughts leaders in User Experience


Story Matters

Collection of the best stories online

Dense Discovery

Weekly digest for all things design


Daily digest of all things digital


Weekly collection of interface design


# Talks:

Tristan Harris

How a handful of tech companies control billions of minds every day

Michael Bierut

How to design a library that makes kids want to read

Debbie Millman

How symbols and brands shape our humanity

Roman Mars

Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing you've never noticed

Claudio Guglieri

Making technology more natural


99% Invisible

Roman Mars' world of design

Nice Try!

Avery Trufelman's look at failed design experiments

The Rabbit Hole

New York Times' deep-dive into YouTube culture

Your Undivided Attention

Center for Humane Technology's podcast

Reply All

Gimlet's podcast about the internet