are Human

A manifesto for making meaning

Jeremy D. Cherry


A brand is only as good as the human endeavor it represents. Meaningful brands transmit value, dignify viewers, portray products and services authentically, reduce waste, clarify confusion, and resonate with our highest ideals.


01. Represent Humans

Brands must be ecological, reflecting the community they represent.

02. Transmit Value

Brands must be useful, being both helpful and beautiful.

03. Dignify Viewers

Brands must honor humans, providing meaning to their environment.

04. Portray Authenticity

Brands must be honest, faithfully reflecting human aspirations.

05. Reduce Waste

Brands must be responsible, being mindful of their footprint.

06. Clarify Confusion

Brands must be clear, fighting confusion with clarity.

07. Resonate Ideals

Brands must symbolize shared values, sewing harmony amongst diverse voices.

Thank you to my faithful colleagues whose wisdom shaped these words.